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Yara Custom Wear is a joint business venture between Indigenous Success Australia and GB’s Sport & Lifestyle.

It combines the knowledge and experience in implementing indigenous engagement and employment with the expertise and proficiency of providing quality and cost effective apparel options for Business, Corporate and Sporting bodies throughout Australia.

Yara Custom Wear is a unique partnership between an Aboriginal family from Wiradjuri Country and a family owned and operated company from the same Indigenous region.

This relationship was forged as the result of a life long friendship and a shared vision – to unite, share and close the gap on disadvantaged indigenous communities.

Together, this partnership in business is using proceeds to support the Indigenous Community Volunteers program. ICV’s role is to facilitate partnerships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the broader Australian community, governments and the private sector to work together towards a more equitable society.

Yara takes its name from the Wiradjuri word for Gum Tree. The Gum Tree forms an integral part of the Australian identity with the bush, and for indigenous people it is a source for many important life elements.

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